The Nampa and District Historical Society exists to promote activities, programs and operations that promote the continuing collection of artefacts and historical information about Nampa and its surrounding communities that have impacted on its history.


Nampa and District Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Nampa and the surrounding districts that are closely tied to the community. The Society strives to remember and be a resource to the members of the community and the public, to keep the history and artefacts of that history safe for now and for the future, to preserve the past as a foundation on which to build future strengths in the community and its members.

Nampa and District Historical Society is committed to conduct operations and activities that:
  1. Conform to the highest professional and ethical standards
  2. Strive to develop programs, exhibits and outreach activities of the highest quality
  3. Value staff and volunteers and that facilitates professional development and education
  4. Manage its finances and resources according to sound financial and management principals
  5. Seek additional support through fundraising activities to support its programs and operations

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